A Legend Of Australian Design

Our Story

TH Brown remains Australia’s oldest operating furniture brand - established in Adelaide, South Australia in 1911. From the 1950's, TH Brown produced many of the most sought after mid-century furniture pieces ever produced in Australia.

The most famous designs were the iconic ranges of Bar Stools, Coffee Tables and Dining Chairs, amongst many others - produced in Adelaide from the mid 1950's through to the 1970's.

The famous TH Brown brand is now back! Our most collected pieces are being re-issued  for the world to enjoy! Produced under license in Adelaide by Workspace Commercial Furniture (formerly TH Brown Furniture P/L), under the careful eye of the 3rd generation of TH Brown’s family, each piece is hand finished to the same exacting standards as the original craftsmen.

These iconic furniture designs are the among the most coveted Australian mid-century pieces ever produced. The original examples have become heirlooms and are seen in many magazines, exhibitions and design showrooms around the world.

Continuing TH Brown's commitment to craftsmanship, each piece comes with a 10 year Warranty, is individually numbered, with a Certificate of Authenticity, and features a range of fine Italian leathers and premium timbers. All timbers and leathers are ethically sourced.

These unmistakable pieces are not replicas, but a thoughtful evolution of TH Brown's original vision. The gold-standard of iconic Australian design.

Three Generations

TH Brown (1889 - 1964)

TH Brown (1889 - 1964)

Thomas Howard Brown was born in South Australia in 1889.

In 1911 he began chair making as Brown Brothers Wholesale Chair Manufacturers, and began supplying chairs to furniture and department stores around Australia and rapidly became respected for the outstanding quality and superb style of its products. In 1942 it became T H Brown and Sons Limited, and in 1948 produced its two millionth chair.

Thomas (Brockie as he was known) died on 23 September 1964 in Adelaide.

After its founder’s death TH Brown continued to grow to become one of Australia's largest furniture manufacturers. 

His sons Napier and Peter continued to expand the business until 1987 when Peter, then CEO, retired and sold the business - which remains a leading manufacturer of commercial contract furniture. It is believed to be the oldest furniture manufacturing company in Australia.

Peter Brown - Designer (1924 - 2012)

Peter Brown - Designer (1924 - 2012)

Peter Francis Brown was Thomas Brown's youngest son.  He was born in Adelaide in 1924 and studied drafting and design before enlisting in the Royal Australian Navy in WW2.

Upon his return from the war he joined the family business in production & design. He soon discovered his gift for creating innovative, timeless furniture pieces that continue to be collected widely to this day.

Peter remains one of Australia's pre-eminent mid-century furniture designers - although little known as he never tried to establish a reputation as a designer. We aim to change this.

Simon N. Brown (1956 - Present)

Simon N. Brown (1956 - Present)

Simon Napier Brown began working at TH Brown from the late 1960’ during school vacations, before joining the business in 1975, remaining there until moving to Sydney and joining IBM – thus beginning a long career in the IT sector.

Simon has never lost his love of furniture and design, and always retained his deep pride in the ‘family’ business.

In 2015 he left the IT sector and decided to return to his passion, and re-launch the famous TH Brown brand, and re-issue the signature pieces designed by his father over 50 years ago.