Iconic Mid-century Modern Bar Stools that are Still on Trend in 2023

Renovations, extensions, and general upgrades to home interiors require a lot of thought. Not only are you looking at the overall design of the re-imagined space, there is also the aesthetics of the interior furnishings to consider.

Part of that process involves furniture. The decision to go with quality pieces over cheaper, mass-produced and even self-assembled furniture is a wise one. These quality pieces often provide years of use and hold their value. More so if the pieces are locally made. The cheaper versions rarely last and are only on trend for a relatively short period.

In the kitchen and living areas, furniture pieces need to be resilient while looking great and in keeping with the design style.

Open-plan kitchens, in particular, often feature workspace islands and breakfast bars where meals are taken, days planned, conversations shared, and downtime enjoyed. Not surprisingly, comfort and quality in a bar stool are paramount to kitchen-based experiences.

All You Need to Know About Bar Stools.

But how much thought have you given to the humble bar stool? Did you know that one Australian furniture manufacturer has been making bar stools since the late 1950s? In fact, TH Brown’s iconic Danish and Martelle bar stools are still as popular today as they were when first released.

There seems to be a real resurgence in the appreciation of mid-century modern furniture. TH Brown is at the forefront after a revival of the brand and some of its beautifully bespoke designs by Simon Brown (TH Brown’s grandson) and his wife, Toni Briggs-Brown.

Adelaide’s TH Brown remains the oldest operating furniture manufacturer in Australia. A curated selection of iconic designs by Simon’s father, Peter, is being re-issued from an extensive catalogue of designs. The two bar stools are the first in the re-issue.

What to Look for When Choosing a Bar Stool.

A bar stool is a bar stool. Right? Not necessarily. There are all sorts of things to think about when looking to buy bar stools.

Firstly, where is it going to go? Is it for the breakfast bar in the kitchen area? Or perhaps you were thinking of something to complement your bar area and impress your mates? It could even be in a corporate office or a hospitality venue.

In any event, determining the best bar stool comes down to various factors.

Ergonomics: Perhaps the most crucial factor when choosing a bar stool is ensuring that wherever you’re sitting is a comfortable height to the bar itself. As a guide, the distance from the bar counter to the bar stool seat should be approximately 25 cm, and the distance from the seat to the footrest should be around 45 cm. Ergonomically, these are the ideal standards for comfortable sitting. Of course, a range of considerations may require some adjustments. These include how big or small the person using the bar stool is and the height of the counter. TH Brown’s Danish bar stool has a height-adjustable swivel seat to find the perfect height to suit just about everyone.

Material: The quality of a beautiful bar stool is determined by the materials used. Although the frames can be made in various materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, and plastics, beautiful bar stools like those with a Nordic influence are often crafted from a light wood such as Ash. Stools like the iconic Danish and Martelle designs from TH Brown, while a style statement unto themselves, blend in with the design aesthetics of your kitchen and bar areas rather than overpowering them.

Upholstery: While there are some bar stools that are more simplistic than others where only one material is used, most bar stools are upholstered for comfort. However, the seat’s shape and the material used to cover it can significantly impact how long people stay seated. Using a quality cover like the Italian leather used in creating TH Brown’s bar stools means the seats will age beautifully to develop a patina reminiscent of good quality leather.

Style: Although style is personal and individual, finding the right piece of furniture that reflects your unique style and the decor of the room it sits in can be challenging. It’s no different with bar stools. You will need to find stools that work with just about any design. Even though bar stools from TH Brown are faithful reproductions of mid-century modern designs, they are equally at home in a contemporary setting. The combinations of timber finishes and a range of Italian leathers mean that it can be customised to suit any home decor.

TH Brown Bar Stools

The Danish and Martelle bar stools were first designed by Simon’s father, Peter Brown, in the late 50s and early 60s. Simon and Toni have revived the designs, which are made in Adelaide under license by Workspace. Each heirloom piece is distinctive, sleek, and timeless, works with many different interior styles, and is forged by craftsman to the same exacting standards as the original product.

Attention to detail is a hallmark of TH Brown bar stools. Each stool includes a TH Brown badge with a serial number, a certificate of authenticity, and a 10-year warranty. Frames and leather are also ethically sourced.

The revival of iconic, heirloom furniture pieces like the Danish and Martelle bar stools from TH Brown has meant a new generation of fans. Those who still love the simplistic design style of mid-century modern and the fresh, contemporary designs featured predominately in new builds and renovations.

Fortunately, the timeless designs of these TH Brown bar stools perfectly complement any design style.