The following warranty outlines TH Brown commitment to the products it manufactures.

The 10 Year warranty is for the initial purchaser of TH Brown products and is valid for as long as the product is owned by the initial purchaser. The warranty is not transferable.

This warranty applies as follows:

• The warranty period runs from the date of manufacture, and covers defects in materials and

craftsmanship detected during normal use.

• This is an Australian warranty and is only enforceable within the boundaries of Australia. If a

product is found to be defective and notice is given to TH Brown within the applicable warranty

period then TH Brown will, at its option, either repair or replace the defective product with a

comparable product.

• The warranty period is dependent upon the usage of the product and is intended to apply to a

product which is used for not more than 40 hours per week.

• Is limited to damage or fault arising from normal commercial application for which the product has

been designed.

This warranty does not apply:

• To goods which are misused or mistreated

• If the ongoing level of usage is found to be greater than 40 hours per week, TH Brown  then

reserves the right to proportionally reduce the warranty period.

• To normal wear and tear

• When damage is caused by transportation or other movement of the product, or as a result of any

alteration which is carried out without written authorization from TH Brown.

• For any COM (Customer’s Own Material) used in the manufacture of a product.

• To third party fabric, leather or vinyl used to upholster a TH Brown product.

TH Brown does not warrant the colourfastness or matching of colour, grain or texture of timber, leather or fabric. A natural variation occurring in timber or leather is not considered a defect under the terms of this warranty. TH Brown is pleased to advise clients of the suitability or otherwise of fabrics used in their upholstered products, but will not be responsible if a client’s fabric selection results in a poor upholstery finish when advice is either ignored or is not sought at all.

A product will not be considered defective and TH Brown will be under no obligation to repair or replace a product if it is not installed and used in accordance with TH Brown guidelines, whether written or verbal. TH Brown will not be responsible for the costs associated with the return of any faulty goods to the place of origin, or any on-site repairs other than those associated with the actual repair of the goods in question.


Damage through delivery:

When you receive your TH Brown box with its precious cargo, should you find it is damaged please retain packaging material and contact us within 24 hours so necessary steps can be taken with the carrier for return and repair/replacement.


               Individually Boxed

               Individually Boxed